In Religious Education, we explore a variety of religions and belief systems and encourage tolerance, respect and understanding. Children are inspired to develop a sense of care and consideration for those around them, preparing them for life in a multi-faith, multicultural society.

Our RE curriculum broadly follows the National Curriculum and is taught in all year groups.

Children reflect on the history, beliefs, teachings and practices of all principal religions, learning to recognise the principal buildings and symbols of the different faiths, to understand the significance of some religious texts and to appreciate the rich variety of customs and celebrations associated with these religions.

They also learn about the nature of religion itself, its key beliefs and teachings and the ways in which these impact on the lives of believers and communities.

Through learning about religion, children achieve an understanding of ultimate questions and ethical issues. They develop their skills of interpretation, analysis and explanation and learn to use specialist vocabulary.

We also encourage pupils to learn from religion. This involves reflecting on and responding to their own experiences of and learning about religion, using their skills of interpretation and evaluation.

Our RE course at Blackheath Prep aims to help children make thoughtful choices ‚Äď both during their time at school and outside in the wider community in their lives beyond the classroom.