We hope you will find all the information you need to complete the registration process for a place at Blackheath Prep. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office on 020 8305 5062 or email admissions@blackheathprep.co.uk.

We currently have a limited number of places (full fee paying) in our Prep for pupils wishing to join us in Year 4 and Year 5 in September 2024. To apply register here.

Key Admission dates

3+ (Nursery) - January 2025 intake
Application Deadline  Friday 13 September 2024, 12 noon
Assessments Wednesday 25 - 27 September 2024
Offers made Thursday 3 October 2024
Acceptance DeadlineThursday 10 October 2024, 12 noon
3+ (Nursery) - September 2025 intake
Application Deadline  Friday 1 November 2024, 12 noon
Assessments Monday 11 - 22 November 2024
Offers made Thursday 28 November 2024
Acceptance DeadlineThursday 5 December, 12 noon
7+ (Year 3) - September 2025 intake
Application DeadlineThursday 5 December 2024, 12 noon
AssessmentsThursday 16 January 2025
Offers made Thursday 23 January 2025
Acceptance DeadlineThursday 6 February, 12 noon
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Register Online

Nursery is the usual point of entry to the school and pupils join the school at the intake following their 3rd birthday. Applications for a place at Blackheath Prep should be completed online together with payment of a £150 non-refundable fee to complete the registration process.  We accept children by assessment, not on a first come first served basis.
Please note, Blackheath Prep does not have a 4+ intake to Reception.

Joining the Nursery

Most children join Blackheath Prep in the Nursery. Children join us in the intake following their third birthday.  We have two Nursery intakes, one in January and one in September.  The mandatory Nursery day runs from 8.30am until 3.35pm, with an optional late stay which runs until 6pm (charges apply).

If your child’s birthday falls between 1 September and  31 December, you have the option for them to join our January intake into a small Nursery class of up to 16 pupils, in Nursery A. These pupils automatically transfer into the main Nursery classes in the September of the same year.  Children eligible for the January intake may wish to be assessed instead for the September intake. However, if children attend the assessment for the January intake and are unsuccessful, they will be unable to be reassessed for the following September entry.  Places offered for a January start cannot be deferred to a September start.

If your child’s birthday falls between 1 September and 31 August your child is eligible for entry in September into our two Nursery classes, NB and NP.

Joining at 7+

We also have an intake to our school at 7+ in Year 3. This is an opportunity to join our outstanding school and benefit from outstanding preparation for the move to senior school.

We offer pupils joining our Prep in Year 3 and above, a rich and broad curriculum and excellent preparation for the 11+ and senior school entrance exams. As part of the Eltham College Family of Schools, our Prep pupils also benefit from a priority assessment process for places at Eltham College for those who choose it as their preferred senior school. This enables our pupils to sit the entrance exam and receive offers ahead of other feeder schools. Pupils who accept an offer of a place are then able to withdraw from the 11+ process.

For our families who wish to explore a range of senior school options, we provide excellent preparation and advice throughout the process, supporting applications to a wide range of senior schools in London, Kent and further afield.


Occasional vacancies

Occasionally places become available in other year groups, including our Prep in Years 4 – 6. To register your child for an occasional vacancy, please complete the online registration form and we will contact you to arrange an assessment for your child when a place becomes available. Occasional vacancies may occur at any point in the academic year.

We currently have a limited number of places in our Prep for pupils wishing to join us in Year 4 and Year 5 in September 2024. Please contact our Admissions team for an informal chat to find out more.


All children applying for a place at Blackheath Prep are assessed.

Nursery assessments take place in the morning, as part of a play-based session in a small group of children. Our aim is for your child to have a positive experience with us, in a warm and friendly environment, with adults that are kind and responsive to their individual needs and interests.  All staff engaging with your child during the play session are highly experienced and will take into account the month in which your child was born. If your child’s first language is not English, this will also be considered, as will any developmental delays. There will be an opportunity for you to make us aware of any additional information prior to the assessment.


On The Day 

One of our experienced staff will greet you and your child and walk with them over to our Nursery classroom where the play session will be held. It is our experience that children settle quickly and interact more fully, without a parent present. However, should your child feel daunted by the experience, especially those children that are younger, you are welcome to come in and settle them, leaving as quickly as possible.

    • Talk to your child about what to expect. Explain to them that they will be in a room that has been set up with activities and toys, ready for them to have fun and explore.

    • Make sure your child is well rested and has had enough to eat that morning. Arrive as close to the time as possible, as waiting too long before the session can unsettle your child.

    • The assessment process will take one hour, during which time refreshments will be provided for waiting parents and there will also be the opportunity to meet our Head and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The play session

    • The Nursery space will be set up with a selection of activities aimed at engaging children’s interests. These will include construction, small world play, malleable play, drawing and puzzles.

    • Each child will be encouraged to complete an activity working 1:1 with an adult during the play session.

    • We will be looking to see how curious the children are and how well they engage with the activities provided. We will also observe how the children focus on the activities and how well they engage and communicate with the adults and children working alongside them.

    • We will conclude the session with a story read to the group.

Our 7+ Assessment Day is designed to bring out the very best in prospective pupils. We ensure that candidates feel at ease so that our assessments can accurately reflect their ability and potential. Prospective pupils will be assessed in maths, reading, writing, speaking and listening. No preparation is required and past papers are not available. Typically, successful candidates will be working above age related expectations for their year group.


On the day

Reading Comprehension – Prospective pupils will be required to read a short passage and answer a series of questions on the text. They should be able to read an age-appropriate passage independently and be able to extract information from the text to answer questions.

Writing – Candidates will be given a choice of prompts to write about. They should be able to write simple sentences with attention to capital letters, full stops, word spacing and accurate spelling of High Frequency Words appropriate to their year group. As part of a group, candidates will take part in an informal discussion and/or oral problem solving task with one of our Senior Leaders.

Speaking & Listening – As part of a group, candidates will take part in an informal discussion and/or oral problem solving task with one of our Senior Leaders.


Offers are made in writing once all assessments have been completed. Places are offered to pupils who meet our admissions requirements according to the number of places available.  When you accept a place, we ask you to pay a deposit of £1,500 and sign a contract which outlines the standard terms and conditions under which your child is accepted as a pupil at Blackheath Prep.  Deposits are returned upon final settlement of the pupil’s account when they leave the school. 

We keep a reserve list of children and should a place become available in the year group for which they have been assessed, we will contact candidates with an offer of a place.  

Admissions Policy

At Blackheath Prep we offer an education without boundaries and strive to ensure that every child shines and reaches their full potential. We are committed to achieving academic excellence with an ethos of strong pastoral care, supported by a rich and varied co-curricular programme.  We welcome applications from all children, regardless of background, who will thrive in this academically stimulating environment and who will benefit from, and contribute to, all areas of school life. Read our full Admissions Policy

Siblings policy  – In keeping with our family ethos, where possible, priority will be given to siblings of current Blackheath Prep pupils and to those with a recent family connection with the school. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we make every effort to ensure that the materials used in our assessments reflect our vision and values. Blackheath Prep will not discriminate against children or families on the basis of social background, disability, race, gender, religion, belief or sexual orientation. The school will always take decisions subject to its obligations under the Equality Act 2010.