At Blackheath Prep, all children from Nursery upwards receive weekly timetabled Drama lessons. Drama is taught by specialist teachers, each with a background in professional theatre. 

Initially, we focus children‚Äôs raw energy into organised and structured drama, encouraging them to engage with characters and roles using improvisation, mime and storytelling. Children learn to express themselves in a clear and considered manner, working on articulation and diction as well as clarity of movement. They also learn to view their work from the perspective of an audience and to practise constructive criticism. 

By Year 6, we aim for children to be able to create and perform effective pieces of drama using a variety of skills and techniques.  

During the school year, pupils of all ages perform to a wider audience in our school assemblies, productions and concerts. In pupils‚Äô final term in Year 6, a major production takes place that combines work from‚ÄĮMusic, Drama and Dance.  

We are proud to be able to offer such exciting opportunities to our children to develop their confidence and self-esteem through drama. It is inspiring to see them demonstrate such creativity and courage as they progress through the school.