We offer popular, high-quality wraparound care that provides children with a safe, relaxed and sociable environment at the start and end of each school day. Through our breakfast club, after school clubs and late stay provision, we aim to nourish children’s minds and bodies outside of school hours as well as to help meet the needs of our parents.

Breakfast club
Breakfast club runs on weekday mornings during term time and is open to all pupils from Nursery upwards. Children enjoy games and activities under the supervision of our qualified staff. A healthy, hearty breakfast sets each child up for the day ahead.

After school clubs
After school clubs provide exciting opportunities for our Pre-Prep and Prep children to try new things, as well as enabling them to wind down and have fun after school.

We offer over 70 lunch-time and after school clubs every week including art, coding and cookery, Airfix, disco dancing, woodwork, gardening, sport and magic clubs. Find out more about the clubs we offer here.

Late stay
As further support for busy parents, a ‘late stay’ provision is available following our after school clubs. Here, children can relax and socialise with friends, supervised by our friendly staff who occupy them with indoor and outdoor games, constructional toys and art and craft activities.

Charges apply for our wraparound care offer. See our fees page for details