Through our teaching of Science at Blackheath Prep, we harness children’s excitement and natural curiosity for the world around them, giving them opportunities to explore their surroundings and to understand what they see.  

Based on the National Curriculum, our curriculum for Science aims to ensure that all children develop scientific knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

We develop understanding of the nature, process and methods of Science through different types of enquiry.  

We encourage children to ask questions, providing them with the resources and opportunities to satisfy their enquiries.  

Children are taught to plan and carry out investigations, to consider the evidence they collect and to evaluate their work either independently or collaboratively. In communicating their findings, they apply their knowledge of mathematical techniques and use appropriate scientific vocabulary. 

Children learn to apply their scientific knowledge and understanding to solve problems in everyday life and to make sense of the natural and man-made world. Children are also taught to recognise hazards and risks. 

We are fortunate to have a fully equipped Science laboratory and we use the adjacent pond and wildlife area to enhance delivery of the curriculum. Visits to local environmental education centres and London’s scientific institutions and museums further enrich our children’s learning.