Our Vision

To offer an education without boundaries, giving every child the freedom to shine and achieve their full potential, upholding academic excellence, sparking curiosity and a joyful love of learning, nurturing kindness and wellbeing, and creating a strong sense of community.

Our Mission

We are committed to giving every child the opportunity to achieve their full potential and the courage to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. Through innovative and inspiring teaching and a rich and varied curriculum, we aim to spark children’s natural curiosity and sense of fun and adventure and to nurture a joyful love of learning.

Community is at the very heart of our school, and kindness, appreciation, collaboration and contribution are values that we work hard to put into practice each day. We encourage every child to make the most of their time here so when they complete their journey with us they are ready for the next stage of their education and have the foundation for a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

Our Values

We have seven core values that guide our thinking and our behaviour. Each value is outlined in more detail to form our aims.

We aim to be an inclusive, diverse, friendly and welcoming school, where kindness, compassion, courtesy and respect are paramount. We are generous and considerate towards others and take care of each other and ourselves. We help children learn how to put the powerful potential of kind words and deeds into action.

We aim to spark children’s natural curiosity for the world, leading them to discover, to wonder, to dare to go further. With their attention captivated, children think more deeply, ask more inquisitive questions and pursue their learning to new levels.

We aim to give children freedom to grow, to push boundaries, to exceed their own expectations and ours. Our superb outdoor space provides wonderful scope for exploration and exhilaration. Our independent status allows us to be an innovative school that nurtures creative thinkers and risk takers.

We aim to be ambitious in the goals we set, striving to ensure that every child shines and reaches their full potential. We unlock confidence, excitement, fresh thinking and a sense of fun and adventure, in the full belief there are no limits to what each individual child can achieve. We are committed to academic excellence and to offering a rich and varied curriculum that inspires and fulfils
a vast range of interests and aspirations.

We aim to help children develop the courage to believe in themselves, to take risks and make choices, to try new things, to be bold, brave, resilient and tenacious, to learn from mistakes and to rise to challenges.

We aim to nurture a sense of belonging and a strong appreciation of community. As well as deepening collaboration between our own pupils, teachers and parents, we aim to look beyond the school and engage with the wider world, contributing to our local community and working with other schools, organisations and charities.

We aim to nurture a joyful love of learning. We are committed to providing a happy and exciting school environment where each day brings new experiences and where children’s personal development, happiness and wellbeing all flourish.