Dance lessons at Blackheath Prep are fun, dynamic and inclusive, with an emphasis on creativity and discovery.  

Lessons are taught by a dance specialist to ensure the children have the best possible dance education. 

Every lesson, from Nursery right through to Year 6, promotes safe and healthy body awareness.  

Children are encouraged to celebrate their own sense of physical expression. Each child, regardless of their ability, will learn important fundamental skills such as increased flexibility and improved posture, coordination and strength, as well as more awareness of their body-space and how it can impact others.  

Partner and group work is encouraged, and the children develop the confidence to perform in front of each other as well as to the whole school in assemblies and productions. 

Children explore and perform different dance genres and styles from around the world, including cha-cha-cha, jive, salsa, bhangra, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, African dance, jazz, flamenco and disco.   

In all lessons, the children are taught that if you have a body you can dance, no matter what that body looks like.  

Through dance, children can be brave, creative and curious choreographers who are encouraged to discover the joy of movement and the positive effect it can have on their mental health and wellbeing.