Languages and culture are a highly valued part of our curriculum at Blackheath Prep.

Children have the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish during their time with us. Through a rich and varied Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) curriculum, we aim to foster enthusiasm for language learning and to develop a broader cultural understanding.

Children are introduced to French in the Nursery and, until the end of Year 2, they learn through lively activities such as songs and games. Lessons are highly interactive, with the main focus being on speaking and listening.

Children continue with their learning of French in Year 3 and are then introduced to Spanish in Year 4 and German in Year 5. In Year 6, children have lessons in both French and German. Children are encouraged to speak in the target language as much as possible. Through our positive and supportive approach, we aim to foster confidence and enjoyment.

French is re-visited in Year 6 with an emphasis on conversation as well as learning to read and write using simple grammatical constructions. Children put their French into practice during a residential trip to northern France in their final term.

Once a year, the whole school community takes part in our annual Modern Foreign Languages day.