Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is an essential and integral part of our whole school curriculum. The programme is designed to promote the overall personal and social development of all pupils and seeks to underpin the school’s values and key principles.

We recognise that there is an important link between the personal, social and moral development of each child and his/her mental health and wellbeing. We consider how this impacts on each individual’s overall achievement and his/her ability to contribute as a positive member of society.

In PSHE, children learn about taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. They also learn not only about their own rights, duties and responsibilities but also about the rights and responsibilities of others. The aim of citizenship education is to help pupils learn how to become active, informed and responsible citizens and to value the experience of living in a democratic society. Lessons are carefully planned and delivered to help children learn to respect and value the richness and diversity of our society.

Children are taught personal skills, such as how to:

  • be more independent, confident and mature
  • recognise their own achievements and learn from mistakes
  • share their views and discuss what is fair and unfair, right and wrong
  • be aspirational by setting personal goals and trying to achieve them
  • keep themselves safe and healthy as they grow
  • Children also learn social skills, such as:
  • thinking about how the choices they make affect other people and the environment
  • considering different groups in society and how to appreciate and learn from them
  • thinking about how and why rules are made

Our PSHE curriculum encourages children to become aware of the social and personal issues facing them. As they develop these skills, they are able to make informed choices about their conduct both within school and in the wider world. Circle time with our form teachers offers children the opportunity to discuss these issues in a safe and supportive environment and to celebrate successes and achievements with their peers.

PSHE Curriculum