Click here  for our most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report which is from an Educational Quality Inspection in June 2019. 

All ISI inspection frameworks are approved by the Department for Education. Schools undergo a scheduled inspection broadly every three years and safeguarding is a focus of all inspections. 

The current framework provides for two types of scheduled inspection: 

  • Educational Quality Inspections (which include a focused compliance inspection) and 
  • Regulatory Compliance Inspections. 

All schools inspected by ISI will receive one of each type between April 2016 and July 2022. 

Educational Quality Inspections report on the two main outcomes for pupils: 

  • Achievement, and 
  • Personal development.  

Reporting is with reference to contributory factors such as the curriculum, teaching and pastoral care.   
Regulatory Compliance Inspections report on a school’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations, and where applicable the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These inspections result in a binary judgement of ‘met’ or ‘not met’ against each applicable standard. Focused Compliance Inspections cover key statutory requirement, in the absence of contrary indications. Safeguarding, welfare, health and safety are a priority for all inspections.