Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them by developing their ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems.  

At Blackheath Prep, we aim to ensure children are confident and enthusiastic when approaching Mathematical problems, to provide them with the skills to use and apply Mathematics in different contexts and to provide them with the vocabulary to discuss and explain Mathematical concepts. 

We value the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning and we use a variety of teaching styles and resources to cater for all children’s needs. We encourage a growth mindset and promote positive attitudes towards Mathematics.  

We use both formative and summative assessment information to ensure targeted teaching and interventions are used to support students where necessary. 

From Reception to Year 3, Mathematics is taught by form teachers with the support of a Maths specialist. In Year 4, Maths sets are introduced on the basis of ability and learning style to provide more targeted teaching. 

Our Maths programme broadly follows the National Curriculum and promotes conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency. We also introduce additional topics including the development of problem-solving and investigative skills. This comprehensive Mathematics programme ensures that our pupils become confident mathematicians and are well prepared for senior school entrance exams.