We are proud of each and every one of our pupils and all their achievements during their time with us at Blackheath Prep. On leaving us in Year 6, our pupils have successfully gained offers from many of the leading schools in South East London and Kent, including Alleyn’s, Dulwich College, Eltham College and the Kent Grammar schools.

Leavers destinations 2021

Independent Schools
Alleyn’s School 7
Bethany School2
Blackheath High School 10
Bromley High School 8
Channing School 1
City of London School 1
City of London School for Girls 1
Cobham Hall 1
Colfe’s School 28
Dulwich College 5
Eltham College 15
Farringtons School 3
Francis Holland Regent’s Park School 1
Frensham Heights School 1
St Dunstan’s College 11
Sevenoaks School 5
Streatham & Clapham High School 1
Sydenham High School 1
Selective Maintained Schools
BETHS Grammar School (Bexley borough) 2
Bexley Grammar School (Bexley borough) 1
Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School (Bexley borough) 2
Dartford Grammar School for Boys (Kent grammar school) 1
Townley Grammar School (Bexley borough) 1
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (Kent grammar school) 1

Year 6 Scholarships Awarded 2021 
28 Blackheath Prep pupils undertook the Bexley exam, of which 19 pupils were deemed selective including 4 pupils who were in the top 180 (which entitles a guaranteed place at any Bexley borough grammar school). 14 pupils undertook the Kent exam, of which, 12 pupils were deemed selective.

Alleyn’s School Academic Scholarship (4)
Sports Exhibition (2)
Blackheath High School Academic Scholarship (2)
Art Scholarship (1)
Bromley High School Academic Scholarship (3)
Drama Scholarship (1)
Performing Arts Scholarship (1)
City of London School Academic Scholarship (1)
Colfe’s School Academic Scholarship (13)
Music Scholarship (1)
Sport Scholarship (1)
Dulwich College Academic Scholarship (1)
Eltham College Academic Scholarship (4)
Drama Scholarship (1)
Headmaster’s Award (2)
Sport Scholarship (1)
Farringtons School Art Scholarship (1)
English Scholarship (1)
Drama Scholarship (1)
Francis Holland Regent’s Park School Academic Scholarship (1)
Frensham Heights School 1
JAGS Academic Scholarship (1)
St Dunstan’s College Academic Scholarship (4)
Art Scholarship (1)
Music Scholarship (1)
Sevenoaks School Academic Scholarship (1)