Computing at Blackheath Prep places innovation at the heart of the curriculum. Our pupils are immersed in opportunities to challenge their own perceptions and skills as they experiment freely with modern technology and systems that are both natural and artificial. There are plenty of chances to demonstrate creativity and curiosity!

All year groups are taught in our purpose-built ICT suite. Lessons are centred on the key principles of digital citizenship, computer science and the use of information communication technology.

There are natural links with Maths, Science and Design and Technology and we encourage our children to explore these as they develop their digital proficiency.

Lessons are delivered in an exciting and engaging manner. Through a combination of independent and collaborative project work, children are encouraged to take risks, try new concepts and problem solve, with the end result being the enjoyment and celebration of their outcomes.

Blackheath Prep‚Äôs ‚ÄėTechnology Awareness‚Äô programme underpins our pupils‚Äô understanding of their digital world. E-safety is reinforced in every area of school life and across the school community.

We encourage children to have open and honest discussions centred on their own experiences. We use these to promote good digital hygiene and a positive relationship with technology.