Our History curriculum ignites children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. We aim for our pupils to develop a chronological framework for their knowledge and understanding of significant events and people. 

In History, children enjoy opportunities to develop a variety of investigative and enquiry skills using a range of source materials. They express their understanding orally, in writing and through drama and art. 

Our pupils are encouraged to ask questions about the past, to understand and form opinions about it and to assess its impact on the present. Older pupils learn that events can be interpreted in different ways.

We work with pupils to develop their key skills in understanding chronology; causation, consequence, change and continuity; understanding similarity, difference and historical significance; source analysis and evaluation skills; and constructing historical arguments.

Children’s work in the classroom is supported by regular visits to the wonderful choice of historical sites and museums on our doorstep. 

Through the exploration of past societies, cultures and belief systems, pupils achieve an understanding of how the world has been shaped and develop a sense of their place within it. Children’s learning in History can thus help them to form their own decisions, attitudes and values in life.