During periods where remote learning may be required, we are committed to providing continuity of education and pastoral care to our pupils.

Our curriculum content and pastoral interaction with pupils is delivered using Microsoft Teams.

Teaching and learning opportunities across the school may be delivered by real-time interaction, pre-recorded video or audio, or prepared learning assignments.

We aim to teach live as often as possible and to follow the normal school timetable with teachers tailoring their lessons for Teams.

Where only some pupils from a class are required to work remotely (dual mode), they will usually be able to join lessons taking place in school via Teams.

For lessons where this is not possible, assignments will be set for pupils accessing remote learning.

In this way all pupils will continue the familiar rhythm of the school day and will receive, where possible, the same content whether at school or at home.

A strong focus remains on mental health and sense of wellbeing for all involved: pupils, parents and staff.

Through regular form times, pupils can engage with their form teacher. They are reminded about speaking to trusted adults when they are worried. Every child in school receives a detailed Digital Safety curriculum as part of their ICT lessons, presented in an age-appropriate way.

Parents can communicate with staff and are directed to the Mental Health & Wellbeing resources on the Parent Portal.