At Blackheath Prep, teaching and learning encompasses our values of kindness, curiosity, freedom, ambition, courage, community and joy, focusing on the all-round development of pupils with varied interests and needs.

The curriculum is broad, balanced and challenging, encouraging children to view learning as a process during which mistakes will be made, stimulating a sense of wonder and above all instilling a joy of learning and a desire to achieve.

The pupils experience a broad range of subjects, extra-curricular provision, trips and workshops. Knowledge, understanding and skills outlined in the National Curriculum are covered, but we offer so much more in order for our pupils to become educated citizens.

We strive for academic excellence through high-quality, ambitious teaching that reflects the individual needs of pupils while developing independence, confidence, resilience and creativity.

From Nursery, specialist teachers teach PE, French, Music, Dance, Drama and Forest School, with specialists in ICT, German, Spanish, Art, DT and Science introduced in later years.

Curiosity lies at the heart of our lessons and pupils are encouraged to make links across subject areas, to question, to experiment and to challenge their own thinking.

We provide the space for pupils to develop their character and wholeheartedly appreciate the cultural and spiritual aspects of learning.