At Blackheath Prep, Design and Technology brings learning to life. Combining the learning of practical skills with the development of an understanding of aesthetics and social and environmental issues, DT teaches children to solve problems through design. 

Lessons encourage creativity and innovative thinking, fuel children‚Äôs imaginations and excite their inquisitive minds.  

In our DT lessons, core subjects are applied in a fun context, whether that‚Äôs solving mathematical problems during woodwork, building structures, testing materials or writing an evaluation.  

In class, children work individually and as part of a team. They enjoy making their own decisions. Creating products they can see, touch and even taste for themselves sparks real joy.  

Naturally curious, children are enthusiastic about exploring the designed and made world in which we live. We teach them about ‚ÄėThe Design Loop‚Äô ‚Äď for example, the collection of research from different sources, analysis of existing products, the development of designs, construction and evaluation. 

The children absolutely love seeing their own designs and models on display and take great pride in their wonderful work, as do we.