All children are naturally curious about the world around them. Our Geography teaching at Blackheath Prep aims to capture that curiosity and inspire children to develop a sense of wonder in – and a sense of responsibility towards – the wonderful world around them.

Through stimulating lessons, children are introduced to the diversity of people and places in the world. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to reflect on their own experiences and that of others and also on the physical environment close to home and further away.

Global issues such as deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and climate change are introduced so that children begin to understand the effect of human activity on the environment and develop an awareness of sustainable development.

The Geography curriculum aims to equip children with investigative skills and problem-solving capabilities. Fieldwork techniques using a range of resources and equipment are developed at school, in the local environment and on field trips to local environmental centres. Often, children are encouraged to take positive action through class-based projects and whole school initiatives.

The future of our world is in the hands of our children. We aim to make those hands capable and careful hands that value their responsibility.